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Possibly a silly question, but how do you know how people came to your blog? Is that a typepad thing?


Well, Typepad has something built in where you can find out what refferer sent a visitor to your page, and that includes what they used to search in a search engine.

When I was on blogger, I put a java plugin from which allowed you to do the same thing.


Cool...i will be doing that! Not that anyone but you guys reads my site... :(

sarcastic journalist

It is all fun and games until someone gets a pussy rash.


Indeed... for those unsure of why this is so funny, please read this post. By the way, welcome to my site, SJ... I'm having fun reading yours. All my loyal readers should go check out the Sarcastic Journalist's site.


Strange coincidence or true connection? SJ has a link on his site to a blogger named Texas T-Bone. Texas T-Bone and my sister Michelle have links to eachother's blogs, and of course Michelle and I have links to eachother's blogs.

Dare I say it's possible that SJ found your site by going from SJ to Texas T-Bone to Michelle to me to you?

Or if not and its complete coincidence, then it reaffirms the wonder of the internet and the whole six degree of separation thing. Sorry I just think that's nifty.


Actually, not quite... I'm virtually positive that SJ came to my site because I visited hers. However, I got to hers because she was on a blogroll of someone who links to me, and that she links to someone else who you know is equally strange in coincidence.

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